We might not all look like super models, but there is definite beauty in everyone. Our face really is the main attraction when we step out into the world and can make or break a good first impression. Shouldn’t we take care of it? Of course we should! With a little effort and some good habits we can protect our face from premature aging, dullness and skin damage face beauty hq.

Lets start with the basics, don’t go to bed with out washing your face! Weather surrounded by city living or working farms, pollutants, dust and dirt particles are everywhere and find cozy spots on our faces. Add to that the build-up of sebum (our skins natural oil), sweat, and make-up and we have a very dirty face and clogged pores. Left to it’s own capacities it would take our face 28 days to get rid of one days worth of gunk. A face wash is definitely worth it. We all have different skin types and should find the products that suit our individual needs, then stick to a regular habit of cleansing and moisturizing the face and neck.

Notice the word “moisturizing”? Yet another key to keeping our faces hydrated, beautiful, and wrinkle resistant. It is not to be underestimated! A creamy night moisturizer can feel quite luxurious and really help your skin to heal while you sleep. And when you prepare for the day don’t forget your daily face moisturizer. Not only will it keep up the all-important moisture factor but, depending on what product you choose it can help protect the skin from free-radicals and sun damage.

A good SPF in your daily moisturizing routine is vital. The sun plays a major role in skin damage and causes up to 80% of premature aging. By using a sun block regularly you give your skin a fighting chance to lock-in its youthful glow.

Another quick tip that will help keep a radiant face is exercise. While our muscles are burning the last thing on our mind is our skin, but it’s true! An active lifestyle means an efficient circulatory system, which means a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to our skin. This way our skin is ready to fight off damaging free-radicals, eliminate any waste products or bacteria, and has an optimal environment for healing and rebuilding. Just another great reason to keep on moving!